Lord Mayor of Bristol's Children Appeal

The Lord Mayor of Bristol’s Children Appeal is a registered charity that raises money throughout the year to help the city’s poorest children at Christmas time.

Every year, more and more children in Bristol face a bleak Christmas. It is one of the UK’s most prosperous cities but shockingly has the highest proportion of children in poverty in the south west. Bristol’s Lawrence Hill is one of the UK’s poorest areas with 60% of children in poverty

Our volunteers work throughout the year to raise a total of £66,000 through an appeal letter, a carol concert and other events. Through the generosity of individuals, schools, organisations and businesses, we are able to help a total of 1,650 of the city’s children who are most in need. This allows us to give each child a £20 voucher for a toy or clothing and a £20 voucher for food.


For families in Bristol who only have access to funds for basic survival they are ‘priceless’. They want their children to celebrate Christmas and would not be able to treat them without the generosity of others.
— Zoe Burnett of Baranado's understands how the vouchers are making a real difference